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Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM

UF Health Community Showcase Center

Sponsored by: Spaghetti Eddie's Pizza, Pasta & Deli

Limited to the first 10 people to sign up! Sign up here or on-site, the day of the event!

Sign up begins at 5:30 in the UF Health Community Showcase Center.

Contestants must eat 1lb. of spaghetti including the meat ball with a big wooden spoon!

The individual who eats ALL OF IT FIRST is declared the WINNER!

Spaghetti Eating Contest

Personal Information

  1. This contest may cause stained clothing and indigestion.
  2. The Lake County Fair strongly discourages entering if you have any medical condition that could be adversely affected by this competition.
  3. By entering this competition you agree that you will not hold Lake County Fair or its Volunteers responsible for anything that should happen before, during, or after this contest.
  4. All decisions by judges and organizer are final - including the decision when a plate is cleared.
  5. This is a FUN Contest and should be treated as such.

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