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Sponsorship Opportunity

Become a Fair Partner for the 103rd Annual Lake County Fair April 5th-14th, 2024!

Partnering with the Lake County Fair is not only a good investment but also a meaningful way to support local education, talent, and community development helping The Lake County Fair further their mission statement "To provide an agricultural and educational showcase that celebrates the accomplishments of Lake County Life." With a rich history, tax benefits, and a wide range of opportunities for engagement, your partnership can have a positive and lasting effect on both your brand and the community.

  1. Established Track Record: The Lake County Fair has been a cornerstone of the Eustis community since 1921, which marks an impressive 103 years of continuous operation. This long history is a testament to the fair's resilience, stability, and strong community support. It demonstrates the fair's ability to weather economic fluctuations and external challenges, making it a safe and reliable investment.
  2. Tax Benefits: Donations to the Lake County Fair Association are fully tax-deductible, as it is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. This means that your partnership not only contributes to a valuable community cause but also offers tax advantages for your business or organization.
  3. Supporting Local Education and Talent: Your partnership will directly contribute to the success of the Lake County Fair that serves as a platform for local Lake County residents and students to showcase their talents and skills. The fair hosts various youth agriculture, horticulture, baking, art, pageants, and school competitions, providing young talent with opportunities to shine and develop. By partnering with us, you support the growth and development of future leaders in your community.
  4. Community Engagement: The Lake County Fair is a hub for community engagement, bringing together residents and local businesses. Various entertainment areas and buildings showcase the diverse array of local community businesses. Partnering with us will enable your business to connect with the local community, increase visibility, and build meaningful relationships.
  5. Positive Brand Association: Associating your brand with a well-established and respected institution like the Lake County Fair can enhance your brand's reputation. It demonstrates your commitment to supporting local initiatives and fostering community development, which can resonate positively with your target audience.
  6. Marketing and Exposure: Partnering with the fair provides opportunities for marketing and exposure. You can leverage the fair's promotional channels, events, and social media presence to reach a wider audience. This exposure can help increase brand awareness and customer engagement.
  7. Sustainable Impact: Your partnership will contribute to the sustainability of the Lake County Fair, ensuring that it continues to benefit the community for years to come. By investing in a long-standing institution, you are making a lasting impact on the local community.

Partnership Levels
$750.00-Bronze Partner
*Organization Banner on the front gate during the fair
*Direct Link to your organization website listed on the Lake County Fair Website.
*6 Single Day admission tickets to be redeemed any day of the Lake County Fair.
$1,000.00-Silver Partner
*Organization Banner on the front gate during the fair
*Direct Link to your organization website listed on the Lake County Fair Website.
*8 Single Day admission tickets to be redeemed any day of the Lake County Fair.
*One VIP Parking Pass
$1,500.00-Gold Partner
Silver Partner Benefits+
*Organization Logo in program hand out distributed to fair attendees.
$2,500.00-Saphire Partner
Gold Partner Benefits+
*Additional Banner to be displayed inside Fair Grounds.
*Inclusion on small print items sent to printers after payment has been received.
Partnership Levels
$5,000.00-Emerald Partner
Saphire Partner Benefits+
*Additional Banner totaling (3) Three Banners displayed during fair.
*15 Single Day Admission Tickets
*Inclusion on ALL advertising digital and printed after payment received.
$7,500.00-Diamond Partner
Emerald Partner Benefits+
*25 Single Day Admission Tickets.
*5 Rideband Vouchers.
*10x10 Vendor Space in main hall.
$10,000.00-Platinum Sponsor
Diamond Partner+
*20x20 Vendor Space in main Hall
*Title Sponsor on all digital & printed advertising following payment receipt. (Bigger Logo, mentions immediately following presenting sponsor
*50 Single Day admission Tickets.
*10 Rideband Vouchers

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Our organization carefully chooses its partners and aims to steer clear of any contentious or dubious affiliations. Our objective is to establish enduring, mutually advantageous collaborations that aid us in advancing our mission statement and guarantee the creation of a joyful, family-oriented event that is eagerly anticipated and cherished by thousands every year.

Thank you to our 2024 Partners!

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